Visitor rule change at IESS hospital, Power pole chaos, Molleturo cable cars, Recycling

Oct 1, 2018


Hola, Todos –

De la pagina cultural –

Exposición – Janeth Méndez will open an exhibit el jueves a las 19:00 in Saladentro (Paseo 3 de Noviembre y baja de Todos Santos). The exhibit will last all month.

Cine – “Silence of the Lambs” will be shown el martes a las 19:00 in the centro cultural La Guarida (Mariscal La Mar y Luis Pauta). <You might not want to have liver for dinner – or fava beans.> Free.

Recital – Musicians Gordon and Willy de Black will play at the Muna Bar (Av. 3 de Noviembre 1-82, half a block from El Otorongo) el próximo viernes a las 20:30. Cost: $5.00.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Adventure 150 m. off the ground – A family business in Molleturo is attracting tourists with its “tarabita,” an open cable car, in Molleturo. The car holds 10 people with the total trip taking 16 minutes. The ride is at km. 48.2 on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme about 40 minute from Cuenca at the “Balcón del Río” restaurant run by the Quiroz family. <If you don’t like heights, better ride first and eat later out of consideration for your fellow passengers.> The 350 m. long ride is open 7 days a week from 8:30-18:30 and has been in operation for 15 days. Cost: Adults, $4.00 and children $2.00. Children under 5 free.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Contaminación visual y riesgos generan cables (Cables generate visual contamination and risks) – Power poles covered in wires are common in Cuenca. Most of the wiring does not belong to the Empresa Electrica Regional Centro Sur (EERCS- the electric company), but telecommunications companies. Public companies like ETAPA EP or CNT are loaned use of the poles, while private companies rent them. These companies do not maintain the posts <bad renters – misuse the property and let the landlord do the cleaning up> to the point that some wires hang down far enough to obstruct traffic and pedestrians. The private companies don’t repair their damaged cables. Instead they replace them and leave the disconnected old ones in place or dangling and requests by Centro Sur (the electric company) to correct the problem are ignored. EERCS does not have the potestad (power – your word for the day) to fine offenders. Medium tension electrical wires are installed at 12 m high, and low tension wires at 10 m. so that the telecommunications wiring can’t touch electrical wires. EERCS technicians are going to be cutting the dangling cables. For new construction, telecommunications services should be installed underground.

Hospital visits – Rules for visiting patients in the “José Carrasco Arteaga” IESS Hospital will change this lunes, 15/10. Patients will only be allowed two visitors at a time. Visitors can be relatives and others with no restrictions on visiting the patient. <Your ex with the restraining order against him/her would not qualify as an unrestricted visitor.> Lengths of visits will be 2-1/2 hours. Visitors can only go into the patient areas with a credential from the staff in the Gestión Hospitalaria. Minors under 15 are not allowed. <Better bring your facilitator if you’re visiting someone and you don’t speak Spanish. This sounds like something that might be hard to navigate and the hospital doesn’t need gringos screaming why can’t they see their wife, husband, friend, etc.>

Recycling – in 2017, 47.47% of Ecuadorian households recycled. This figure has been increasing with plastics being the most recycled followed by organic waste, paper and cardboard, and glass. Recycling was highest in the Galápagos at 98.98% followed by Loja (68.18%), Zamora Chinchipe (66.69%), Morona Santiago (65.22), and Bolívar (60.47). The lowest rates were in Pastaza, Orellana, el Oro, Esmeraldas, and Sucumbíos. <I hope every gringo reading this is in the 47.47%.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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