Wednesday night fundraiser at Sunrise Cafe will help reunite a Venezuelan family

Jun 25, 2018

As Venezuela’s economic crisis worsened, self-employed carpenter Dustin and his wife Lourdes decided six months ago that he would move to Cuenca alone in hopes of building a new life. Now, he is ready to go back to Merida, Venezuela to accompany Lourdes and his two children, Antonella, 10, and Juan Miguel, 8  back to Cuenca.

Lourdes, Dustin, Antonella and Juan Miguel

The Venezuela he left behind is suffering severe shortages of basic supplies and hyper inflation that requires two million Bolivars to buy a dozen eggs. The shortages mean that if one of Dustin’s children gets sick, the medicines they might need are not available. In addition to the financial collapse, Venezuela is suffering levels of crime and violence that make it impossible for his children to go outside and play.

The Cuenca expat community is being urged to assist in Dustin’s mission of reuniting his family in Ecuador by supporting a Wednesday night fundraiser at Sunrise Café.

The evening begins 5 p.m. with a meal selection of meat loaf, Caesar salad with shrimp, black bean quesadilla (vegetarian), along with a choice of lemonade or ice tea, and dessert, for a contribution of $15.

Those wishing to attend, should RSVP by Tuesday, June 26, with your meal selection to

Sunrise owner Orlando is providing the meal for $5, with $10 going to support Dustin’s family. Frank Gonzales is contributing his time as a waiter.

In addition to the meal, the evening will include an auction of various items and four gift baskets filled with goodies. There will also be a White Elephant Raffle which will include donations from the community. Those with something to contribute are asked to drop it off at the Sunrise Café.

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