Woman found innocent of killing partner, Pedestrian overpasses underused, Unpermitted construction, Tram tests in new phase

Feb 20, 2019

Miércoles, 20/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Cinéticus – This exhibit by Federico Vega whose works are on galvanized steel and full of light and color opened Wednesday in the Galería de la Alcaldía. The images are of foliage and birds and reflect nature’s richness in Ecuador.

Interactive dance – “De la realapre” will be presented jueves and el viernes a las 20:00 in the Sala Proceso at the CCE. The performance starts with 4 dancers on stage who invite the audience to participate. The movements will not be complicated. The steps will be from “Deep aerobic” techniques by Northamerican choreographer Miguel Gutiérrez to electronic music rhythms.

Pedestrian bridge at Av. Las Americas.

Book – The “Trilogía Bandolera” by Eliécer (sic) Cárdenas will be presented Thursday a las 19:00 in the Salón del Pueblo.

Concierto – Darío Torres and Iván Narváez will play a guitar concert Thursday a las 19:30 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE. Their program will include Beatles songs as well as Ecuadorian, Latin American and classic works.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Furniture without nails – There will be an exhibit of handmade furniture by young craftspeople from 24 communities in 6 provinces. “Muebles y Artesanía de Madera” (Furniture and Wood Crafts) which also includes leather work, embroidery, weaving, vestments for priests <just in case you want a career change – or for next Halloween?> and women’s clothing will be open Thursday from 8-19:00 in the Galería Atenas at PRAC (Simón Bolivar y Huayna Capac.) There will be a catalogue of the furniture and you can order the pieces you want made.>

Zamora Chinchipe – The province is promoting its carnaval celebrations with 3 tourist routes – Alto Nangaritza, Podocarus and Chicaña. Natural attractions, including waterfalls, rivers, caves and landscapes can be appreciated in the Biósfera del Cóndor located in the Podocarpus and Yacuri National Parks. Gastronomic offerings include the first chonta fruit which is a main food for the Shuar community and makes a appetizing soup for “los colonos” (settlers), frog legs, fried yucca and coffee. <Will there be gusanos (larva) de chonta?)> There will also be crafts and culinary fairs and dances.

Carnaval – Communities in the eastern part of Azogues including Pindilig, Luis Cordero, Rivera and Taday Parishes are preparing a full schedule of activities for el domingo, 3/3. It will start with a parade a las 9:00 rom the Sarancay sector of Pindilig to the parish center, with the election of the Cholita de Carnaval, a gastronomic festival and artistic shows. El próximo martes a las 9:00 in the Plaza de la Juventud Gonzalo Sl Córdova, the Carnaval schedules for 7 cantons in Cañar Province will be launched.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Buscan expertos en anticorrupción (Looking for anti-corruption experts) – <Try the prisons – like hiring hackers who’ve been caught.> The government has announced it is looking for 5 experts, individuals or organizations, to compose a new auonomous, independent Comisión Internacional contra la Corrupción <all cognates, all yours to translate> to fight against corruption. <Members will be from from Delaware, Montana, S. Dakota, NY, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland.>

The commission will specify strategies for government institutions to prevent, investigate and fight these types of crimes and how to recover assets and money. The commission will work until mayo, 2021, concentrating on the 10 years of Pres. Correa’s term.

Voto 2019 –

Debate A debate was held on the topic of violence against women in which candidates for councilmembers, mayors and prefects generally demonstrated their ignorance on the topic. An organizer of the debate said only a few candidates were able to give realistic answers with a clear work plan.

Images of Children – Campaign materials will not be allowed to show images of children and adolescents (minors). <Does that mean no candidates with their smiling families and family pets on campaign leaflets?)

Informal construction – Construction without permits continues in Cuenca and contributes to land use disorder in both urban and peripheral areas. This is especially problematic along rivers where the minimum separation between the top of the bank and construction in 50 meters. Most illegal projects are reported by neighbors and authorities do patrol. The most visible cases are along river banks.

Innocent! – A woman accused of killing the man she lived with was found innocent. The act was determined to be self defense.

Pedestrian overpasses – Construction of the overpasses are a response to accident studies. but despite the main motivation being “preservation of life,” many people don’t use them. Last lunes, 3 kids were hit <mostly minor injuries> on the Circunvalación Sur in the Carmen de Guzho sector when they tried to cross the high speed roadway even though there was an overpass. A researcher at the U. of Cuenca and the Llactalab Sustainable Cities group said that these accidents are a result of poor design or bad placement of the overpasses. <Add a circular slide next to the stairs – that would attract the kids and those of us entering our second childhoods. Probably a bad idea – falling under the attractive nuisance category.>
Disuse also occurs when pedestrians need to walk 3-4 times the distance to cross at an overpass or zebra crossing. Even though the points of accidents were identified for placement of crossings, it wasn’t always possible to locate them there due to environmental conflicts. <Like a housing development right where the bridge stairs needed to be?>

Cameras were set up at the Las Américas overpasses at the Basilica of the Universidad Católica and at the Miraflores sector and showed many people who didn’t use the overpasses. The U. of Cuenca researcher said a more efficient alternative would be “cruces seguros or cruces completos” (secure or complete crossings – your words for the day) with a zebra crossing, all the signage, signal lights and push buttons for pedestrians. <And then there are all those folks who cross in the middle of the block because that’s safer – at least in El Centro.>

Tranvía – On el viernes, the Tranvía will start a new phase of testing without the help of EMOV agents, but still without passengers. EMOV is asking drivers and citizens to respect transit laws. The objective is to familiarize people with the system. The trains will run every 10 minutes from 6-22:00. <Who wants to start the pool for the first accident?>

Adultos mayores – Pres. Moreno announced an expansion in service coverage to 96,000 seniors in poverty and extreme poverty. There will be an increase of $60 million to increase the number of “bonos de Desarrollo Humano” Human Development bonuses).

Descuentos y compras –

ItalDeli – Carnaval opening (?) with 10% off in whole store, tastings, raffles, yapas, music – 21/2/2019, 18-21:00 – at Solano, San Sebastián and Parque Industrial stores.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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