Woman who organized a free vacation on Colombian ‘death bus’ is arrested in Cali

Sep 1, 2018

The woman who admits to organizing a tour on a bus carrying a half-ton of illegal drugs has been arrested in Cali, Colombia. The bus, dubbed the “death bus,” crashed east of Quito August 14, killing 24 of those on board and injuring 23.

Claudia Jimena Orozco meets the press on Thursday, confesses to organizing the “death bus” tour.

Claudia Jimena Orozco, a Colombian citizen, turned herself in to authorities on Thursday but was released three hour later because there was no warrant for her arrest. She was arrested on Friday and transferred to a Bogota jail after Ecuador issued an Interpol arrest warrant.

Speaking Thursday to the Colombian press, Orozco confessed to working with a Cali-based drug cartel and organizing the bus tour. “Yes, I knew the drugs were on board the bus and recruited people for the tour to make it look legitimate,” she said. “I am so sorry. I am heart sick for those who died and were hurt.”

Orozco was onboard the bus at the time of the crash and suffered minor injuries.

Following her Thursday release, Orozco’s lawyer said she expected the Interpol warrant from Ecuador and was prepared to go to jail. She turned herself in voluntarily on Friday after Colombian officials received the warrant.

The 579 kilos of marijuana, contained in 548 packages, was discovered three days after the accident by a canine unit of Ecuadorian Anti-Narcotics Police. The drugs were concealed below the bus floorboards.

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