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Rafael Correa is a megalomaniac, a loud-mouth, a control freak, a religious fanatic, the architect of a nanny state, a muzzler of free speech, and a court-packer. He is, by turns, intolerant, insulting, insensitive, paranoid, condescending and thin-skinned. He is also the best president Ecuador has had in decades, possibly since Eloy Alfaro at the...
By David Morrill Diego Plasencia’s American dream had crashed and burned long before he sat down on a New York sidewalk with his guitar on a summer morning in 1998. He admits that he wasn’t much of a guitar player, and less of a singer, but he was desperate for money he needed to return...
By David Morrill When I got my new U.S. passport in December, it also meant I needed a new Ecuadorian residency passport visa stamp. How hard can this be, I wondered, since I’d already been vetted by the immigration folks during the original visa process. The answer was that it’s harder than you might think, but...
By David Morrill Angel Salvador Ortega stowed away on a banana boat out of Puerto Bolivar in 1994 and was on his way, he hoped, to being an illegal alien in the U.S. when his fortunes took a dramatic turn. Life was hard in his native Oña, a town of 3,000, set in a dry...
Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series about the collapse of Cuenca financial cooperative Coopera, and the aftermath. By David Morrill Coopera’s troubles went public on June 6, when police arrested chief financial officer Aldo Santiago Calle and auditor Raúl Efraín Carpio. Five days later, on June 11, general manager Rodrigo Aucay...
Editor’ note: This the first of a two-part series about the collapse of Cuenca financial cooperative Coopera, and its aftermath. By David Morrill In June, when the Cuenca-based cooperative Coopera was shut by federal officials, it was one of Ecuador’s largest financial institution failures since the country’s banking melt-down of 1999 and 2000. The closure...
By David Morrill Where most woodworkers see problems, Ed Konderla sees possibilities. “The wood I use would be thrown on the burn pile by most carpenters. It’s unstable and gnarly, and it wouldn’t work for furniture or general carpentry,” he says. “It’s kind of a paradox. For my projects, I look for strange graininess, knotholes,...

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Week of July 21

Wilman Terán and Maribel Barreno Avoid Censure in Impeachment Trial.

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Providing Drinking Water to 10,000 People in Rural Ecuador: A Challenge Aiming to Change Lives.

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Ecuadorians’ Harrowing Journeys: Personal Stories of Risking Lives to Reach the USA.

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