Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru agree to eliminate cell phone roaming charges

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru will begin removing international roaming rates in voice and data communications as part of an initiative to boost integration and modernization between the Community of Andean Nations (CAN), the block’s secretary said Wednesday. The announcement came at the 50th-anniversary celebration of the organization, which promotes social and economic cooperation between […]

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Six Cuenca prison inmates found hanging in their cells; At first, officials called it suicide

Officials at the Turi prison are being tight-lipped following the hanging deaths of six inmates Thursday morning. After first saying it appeared the deaths were suicides, they later conceded that revenge could be a factor but refused further comment pending an investigation. The victims were found suspended from rafters in their cells just before noon […]

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Passport facilitators busted, U.S. seizes Miami property of Ecuador bribery suspects, Wildfire burns grasslands, Alejandro Sanz to perform

Jueves, 20/2/2020 Hola, Todos – I will be taking a break until martes, 3/3. Even volunteers need an occasional vacation. Actividades – De la pagina cultural – Feria en CEMUART – The 80 craftspeople that are part of the crafts center, CEMUART launched an “Expo Carnaval” Thursday with the Taita Carnaval which included a free […]

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Beware of Carnaval thieves! Police offer advice to expats and tourists to avoid pick-pockets

Thieves love Carnaval. That’s the message the National Police want to send to everyone planning to attend events during the five-day holiday, particularly to tourists and foreign residents. “Carnaval is the most lucrative time of year for thieves, particularly for pick-pockets,” says Alex Fuentes, a captain in the Cuenca district police command. “With all the […]

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Naked man alarms and entertains El Centro residents before police take him away

A naked 28-year-old man paraded down Calle Hermano Miguel Wednesday morning, waving and throwing kisses to residents and passersby before municipal police arrived to take him into custody. According to social media reports, the man performed for more than an hour near the intersection with Simon Bolivar before he was apprehended at about 8:30. “It […]

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Big biomed lab planned for Cuenca, New app for ordering LP gas, Security bolstered for Carnaval weekend, Lots of holiday events, Fire in Chile

Miércoles, 19/2/2020 Hola, Todos – Actividades – De la pagina cultural – “El Lago de los Cisnes” – The Royal Russian Ballet will perform “Swan Lake” performed Wednesday in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Muestra – Visual Arts students from the U. of Cuenca have mounted a show “ETHOS” which is at the Museo de […]

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