Prosecutor who charged Glas with corruption is ‘one tough lady,’ according to her colleagues

The attorneys, investigators and police officers who have worked with Diana Salazar over the years describe her as dedicated heart-and-soul to the pursuit of justice. Salazar made headlines Monday when she announced that Vice President Jorge Glas should stand trial on 10 counts of corruption for his dealings with the Brazilian construction company Oderbrecht. The […]

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Alianza País assembly members are divided on whether to allow VP Glas to stand trial

While the National Assembly awaits the official request from the attorney general to allow Vice President Jorge Glas to stand trial for corruption, members Glas’ Alianza País (AP) appear divided on the issue. Following a prosecutor’s indictment on Monday, Glas requested that the assembly allow him to stand trial on 10 counts of “illegal association.” […]

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NYC animal protection group assists city, Low cost cancer exams, Changing weather, Ag and crafts fair

Martes, 22/8/2017 Hola, Todos – Pagina cultural – Tuesday’s agenda events – Filme – “Logan,” a movie about superheroes set in 2024 showed Tues. in the Centro Cultural La Guarida (La Mar y Luis Pauta). Cost: $0.50. Upcoming and ongoing agenda events – Museo Remigio Crespo Toral – The museum will host children from the […]

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Cuenca ranks among the top 25 cities in Latin America for quality of life

Cuenca ranks among the top 25 cities in Latin America for high quality of life according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The IDB study looks at 144 indicators in analyzing cities and, besides economic growth and development, considers basic services, environmental quality, safety, health, and tourism appeal. IDB compares 550 cities worldwide with populations […]

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Prosecutor has evidence to put Glas on trial but National Assembly must authorize it

Federal prosecutor Diana Salazar says there is sufficient evidence against Vice President Jorge Glas to put him on trial for corruption. But there’s a catch: Under the constitution, Ecuador’s National Assembly must authorize any legal action against the president and vice president. Shortly after Salazar turned over a 10-count charge against the vice president to […]

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The 17th century Quito ‘chapel of miracles’ restored following earthquake damage

The Señor de los Milagros Church in the historic Quito neighborhood of La Loma, a structure built in the 17th century and damaged by an earthquake last year, has been completely restored, Ecuadorian officials said Thursday. “Restoration included the consolidation and strengthening of supporting walls, woodwork rehabilitation and waterproofing surfaces,” the Quito city government said […]

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