Prosecutor to request int’l arrest warrant for Patiño, Ecuador’s 10th high-profile fugitive

Ecuador prosecutors say they will request an Interpol international arrest warrant for former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño “within a matter of days.” Patiño is the 10th official from the government of former president Rafael Correa who faces criminal prosecution in Ecuador. Correa, who lives in Belgium, is one of the 10. Patiño left the country […]

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Trekking with the llamas on the Capac Ñan, the Royal High Road of the Incas

By Hugh Thomson Climbing from the ancient Peruvian pilgrimage site of Chavín, we pass fields of quinoa flowering purple in a last burst of energy before they are harvested. There are bunches of maize hanging from the farmhouse rafters in shades of gold and red, and the small village plaza has plants that would not […]

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Connecting in Cuenca

 By R.S. Gompertz Of all the places we have lived and traveled, when it comes to possible places to settle I like Cuenca the best. On the list of attributes I look for, Cuenca scores high on every one except proximity. Getting in and out of here from the West Coast is a pain in […]

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Escape from Medellin, Historic district Super Aki update, Two Ecuadorian jokes, San Francisco Plaza scuttlebutt, Venezuelans on the street

I’m back! It’s been almost two years since my last post. My husband and I decamped Cuenca for Medellin a while back for what we thought would be greener pastures. Well, it turned out they weren’t so green and we decided to come back. There’s a lot of reasons why –think crossfire– and I’ll explain […]

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Hippie dance party, Last call for ACT auditions, Brazilian singer at the Sucre, Time of your life!, Graduate art exhibit, Spoken Word

If you plan your time around what’s happening in Cuenca’s creative community, then this column is for you. Published every Monday, What’s Happening Under the Domes highlights the exhibits, concerts, workshops and other not-to-be-missed artistic events scheduled for the coming week. We cannot guarantee a complete listing, but we’ll try our best to keep you […]

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