Cuenca ranks among the top 25 cities in Latin America for quality of life

Cuenca ranks among the top 25 cities in Latin America for high quality of life according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The IDB study looks at 144 indicators in analyzing cities and, besides economic growth and development, considers basic services, environmental quality, safety, health, and tourism appeal. IDB compares 550 cities worldwide with populations […]

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Prosecutor has evidence to put Glas on trial but National Assembly must authorize it

Federal prosecutor Diana Salazar says there is sufficient evidence against Vice President Jorge Glas to put him on trial for corruption. But there’s a catch: Under the constitution, Ecuador’s National Assembly must authorize any legal action against the president and vice president. Shortly after Salazar turned over a 10-count charge against the vice president to […]

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The 17th century Quito ‘chapel of miracles’ restored following earthquake damage

The Señor de los Milagros Church in the historic Quito neighborhood of La Loma, a structure built in the 17th century and damaged by an earthquake last year, has been completely restored, Ecuadorian officials said Thursday. “Restoration included the consolidation and strengthening of supporting walls, woodwork rehabilitation and waterproofing surfaces,” the Quito city government said […]

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Approaching the 100-day mark of his administration, Lenin Moreno’s popularity is at record high

According to four public opinion polls, President Lenin Moreno’s support among Ecuadorian voters is “off the charts.” Conducted over the past two weeks, the polls give Moreno positive percentages ranging from the high-70s to mid-80s. “At this point, his support is unprecedented since public opinion polling began in Ecuador more than 40 years ago,” says […]

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Ambassadors recalled, $2.5 billion agriculture investment, Maduro implicated in Odebrecht scandal, Hail storm brings out the picture takers

Domingo, 20/8/2017 Hola, Todos – Pagina cultural – Finished agenda event Fotografía y danza – The Womens’ Front of Defenders of Pachamama (Mother Earth) is continuing its fight against large scale mining. El pasado viernes, in the plazoleta de La Merced, it presented a photo exhibit showing areas around Quimsacocha and a workshop in dance […]

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Freak hail storm covers much of Cuenca in ice

A strong thunderstorm produced enough hail Saturday afternoon to turn parts of Cuenca into a winter wonderland. The weather bureau reported that ice was as much as two inches deep in the area around Miraflores Park, Los Trigales, and along Av. Gil Ramírez Dávalos near Terrestrial Terminal. The storm also affected driving on the Cuenca-Guayaquil […]

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China warned about illegal fishing in Galapagos protected waters as investigation continues

China’s ambassador to Ecuador was called to the foreign ministry Friday and given a formal warning about its fishing vessels encroaching on the Galapagos Islands International Preserve. A fishing ship with 300 tons of catch onboard was taken into custody Monday and remains in port as an investigation continues. Foreign Minister María Fernanda Espinosa and […]

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