Looking for some real dining tradition in Cuenca? Check out Los Perniles in Centro

Every once in a blue moon a restaurant, often a simple and modest place, ascends the role of being a landmark establishment in the community. San Francisco boasted “Tommy’s Joint” for decades, Los Angeles had “The Screaming Sisters.” It is our good fortune to have “Los Perniles” (Juan Jaramillo 3-25 at Thomas Ordonez), an institution […]

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Cuenca to add electric buses in 2020, China debt refinancing is goal of Moreno trip, Ecuador will join Pacific trade alliance

Cuenca to add electric buses to city fleet by 2020 Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera announced Monday that 16 electric buses will be added to the city’s fleet of 450 diesel-powered buses by 2020. Cuenca joins Quito and Guayaquil, which also plan to add electric units to their public transportation fleets. Cabrera, who made the announcement […]

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Inspired by Instagram, the U.S. ‘pop up’ museum culture is all about being there

By Sophie Haigney Candytopia, the pop-up exhibit with locations in Manhattan and San Francisco, shares some characteristics with Disneyland—a costumed guide, manufactured fantasy landscapes, giddy kids—but there are no rides. In Candytopia, there’s very little to do but pose, and that’s what everyone’s doing. The installation is organized around a series of rooms with different […]

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Letter to an Ecuadorian friend in Vilcabamba

By Viktoria Vidali Dear Rosa, It has now been over two years since we waved goodbye outside our apartment where we lived next to you and Juan on the horse-trodden streets of Vilcabamba. We all cried then. Aldo, though very weak, had reassured me that he could make the long trip from Quito to San […]

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Are fish oil supplements a waste of money?

By Susan Burke March Plenty of evidence supports a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As reported by the Harvard Health Letter, there are two key omega-3 fats, DHA and ALA. These fats are an integral part of cell membranes and cell functionality and are necessary for hormones, blood clotting, arterial health, to regulate inflammation […]

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Guacho injured in weekend firefight as Ecuador and Colombia tighten noose on cartel

According to Ecuadorian and Colombian military sources, Wálter Patricio Arizala, alias Guacho, was wounded Saturday in a gun battle with military forces near the border. The Colombian military command reported that wounds suffered by the leader of the Óliver Sinisterra Front, formerly part of the FARC rebel army, were “very serious and possibly life threatening.” […]

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