Didn’t we just do this?

“The Vegetable Bar is moving … again.” Try and say that like Tom Hanks does as Forrest Gump. When he is telling the man on the park bench when he was on the U.S. ping-pong team “a few months later they invited me and the ping-pong team to visit the White House. So I went […]

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2016 earthquake devastated Ecuador’s north coast but how vulnerable is the rest of the country?

By Liam Higgins According to the record, the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador’s northern coast is a once-every-50-to-100-year event. The quake killed more than 600, destroyed or severely damaged 45,000 structures, and left 30,000 people homeless. “This was an earthquake of historic proportions,” said Alexandra Alvarado of Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute. “It’s terrible power reminds […]

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Colombia confirms that bodies are those of kidnapped Ecuadorian journalists

Colombia Minister of Foreign Affairs María Ángela Holguín reported Friday night that three of the bodies found Thursday in Nariña Department are those of three journalists from the Quito newspaper El Comercio. “I called Ecuador´s chancellor to give him the news that we had found the bodies and determined that they were those of the […]

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Julian Assange is no hero

By Jerome Long In a recent opinion article remarkable for its radical socialist polemics, and not much else, Mr. James Cogan vilifies the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ecuador for their actions, real and imaginary, regarding Julian Assange without much in the way of substance. Mr. Cogan’s rhetoric, using […]

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Ecuador says visa-free agreement announcement with Nigeria is fake news

The Embassy of Ecuador in Nigeria is refuting what it calls fake news published by a number of websites and newspapers that Ecuador and Nigeria have signed a visa-free agreement for Nigerian citizens. In a statement issued by Charge d’Affaires of Ecuador in Nigeria, Jaime Campas claims that the news was false and that no […]

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Expert says that the murder of a general who opposed helicopter purchase was an ‘inside job’

An Argentinian forensics expert told prosecutors Thursday that Air Force General Jorge Gabela was murdered for his opposition to the purchase of Indian-made helicopters, not by common thieves as the government reported. In his testimony, Roberto Meza suggested that the government’s conclusion that Gabela’s 2010 murder in Guayaquil was the result of a home robbery […]

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