U.S. justice department hands over evidence in Odebrecht scandal; Judge okays its use

National Court Judge Miguel Jurado has authorized Ecuador’s attorney general’s office to use “any and all useful information” provided by the U.S. justice department in its prosecution of the Odebrecht corruption scandal. The court ruling is necessary when legal evidence comes from a foreign government. According to Attorney General Carlos Baca, the information handed over […]

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More strong aftershocks in Mexico, Julian Assange support, Correa won’t give up, Expat sheltered 140 homeless dogs, Cuenca numismatic museum

Domingo, 24/9/2017 Hola, Todos – Pagina cultural – Upcoming agenda event- Ceremonia Cívica – The “Abdón Calderón” Military High School No. 4″ will celebrate Flag Day with a ceremony proclaiming the Flag Bearers, Standard Bearers, and Escorts for the 2017-2018 school year on martes, 26/9 a las 9:00 in the Campo de Marte del Plantel. […]

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Anthropologist visits Cuenca to study the Amazonian head shrinkers and gets more than he bargained for

By Sylvan Hardy Until the Amazonian ritual of head shrinking disappeared in the 1950s, almost any head was fair game for shrinking, including those of foreigners. The best-known case is that of young German anthropologist Franz Bosch, who arrived in Cuenca in November 1906 to study the rituals of the Amazonian Shuar community. A century […]

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In Ecuador’s political drama, Correa continues his attacks but Moreno holds the strong upper hand

By Liam Higgins Former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa escalated his attacks on President Lenin Moreno this week, for the first time suggesting a plan for his return to power. Moreno, who is attending United Nations meetings in New York, responded by voicing his “deep disappointment” at the behavior of his predecessor and former colleague. “He […]

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Renovations at 10 de Agosto market, How to make Mexican earthquake donations, IESS medicine hotline, Cycling and music fundraiser, Theater festival

Viernes, 22/9/2017 Hola, Todos – Pagina cultural – Today’s agenda events – Teatro – The 1st performance of “Amor de Don Perimplín con Belisa en su jardín” will be hoy a las 22:00 <Can that be right? It’s hours past a lot of your bedtimes.> en La Guarida Centro Cultural (calle La Mar y Luis […]

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‘Super malaria’ infects Southeast Asia; Scientists fear it could spread to Africa and Latin America

The rapid spread of “super malaria” in Southeast Asia is an alarming global threat, scientists are warning. The new, dangerous form of the malaria parasite cannot be killed with the main anti-malaria drugs. The new strain first emerged in Cambodia but has since spread through parts of Thailand, Laos and has arrived in southern Vietnam. […]

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