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Accro Corp


At ACCRO, we are fully committed to helping our clients make sound financial decisions daily, we focus on unique tax laws, financial regulations, and business trends of your industry to provide you with the best advice, our services include:

  • Outsourcing accounting services
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Professional Translation Services

Address: Remigio Tamariz y 12 de Abril

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0998924870

Secondary phone number: 0996191775

Anubis Restaurant

Marlon Peña

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Dine at one of the best restaurants in Cuenca, Ecuador

Address: 12 de Octubre and Gonzalo Pizarro

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0987890649

Capitán & Co.

Seafood Restaurant

Restaurants, bars and cafes

When it comes to sea food, we know what we are talking about!

Address: Tomas ordoñez 6.76 and Presidente Cordova

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0996889993

Common Grounds Sports Bar

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Family restaurant, sports bar, cafeteria we are a company created with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers with new products pleasing to the eye and palate, we have a cozy place with music and an incredible view of the city.

Address: Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia, Edificio Terra segundo piso, S/N zona rosa

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0981079406

Cuenca Expat Insurance

Daniela Cordero


The needs for expats living in Ecuador are not at all the same, especially when it comes to health insurance.

We partner with a select group of insurance companies who provide, in some cases, excusive health insurance plans with terms and exceptions that we have requested that meet your needs.

Address: Av. Remigio Tamariz and Av. Solano
Edificio Office
5th Floor

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0995206384

Secondary phone number: 593995206384

Cuenca Expats Magazine

News, blogs, magazines

Cuenca Expats Magazine’s mission is to help build stronger, more cohesive expat communities and assist in integrating people into their adopted society as new and productive citizens. We hope to achieve this goal by offering English-language publications centered on expat life.

Address: 601 Pine n
Needle Drive

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0959819747

Debbie’s Place

Retail and online stores

A different kind of consignment store where artists can display their work

Address: Calle larga in sunrise cafe

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0987707814



Retail and online stores

EcoSéptico® is a super advanced powdered formula, based on natural bacteria and powerful enzymes that devour all types of organic solids as they pass through, freeing clogged pipes and returning the septic system to its natural flow and bacteriological quality; turning everything back into water.

Address: Pasaje Donoso N32-24 y Whimper
Quito - Ecuador

City: Loja

Primary phone number: 0939457255

Secondary phone number: 0998205136

Ecuador At Your Service

Ashley Rogers

Real estate agents and agencies

Ecuador At Your Service is a full-service, boutique real estate agency and winner of Gringo Post’s “Best Real Estate Company” for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

We specialize in luxury properties in and around Cuenca and on the Ecuadorian Coast. We solely do real estate sales, not rentals.

Address: Simon Bolivar y Estevez de Toral

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0995475116

Secondary phone number: 9175030375

Ecuador In Your Hands.

Retail and online stores

It’s our pleasure to bring you the Best Farm Direct Flowers and Handmade Crafts from our local Producers & Artisans in Ecuador – South America.
Door to Door Service. Express Delivery.
The Shipping is FREE to any address in the U.S.A.

Address: Cuenca - Ecuador.
Fleming Island, Florida. - USA

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0997429410

Secondary phone number: 3524487087

Ecuador Visas

Attorney Sara Chaca

Attorneys, lawyers and firms, Facilitators

Respectfully serving Expats with all the following:


  • Ecuador Temporary Residency Visas & Ecuador Permanent Residency Visas
  • Ecuador Citizenship & Naturalization/Passport Service
  • Ecuador Real Estate Closings/Realty-Rentals
  • Ecuador Wills, Estate Planning & Powers of Attorney
  • Ecuador Legal Services & Contract Law
  • Container Shipping to/from Ecuador
  • Opening of Businesses & Companies in Ecuador

Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel, Cuenca, Ecuador 010101

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0992962065

Secondary phone number: 8006551581

Eddie Remache Clavijo


Facilitators, translators

Concierge services private transportation private services real estate

Address: Lorenzo de Padilla

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0980584551

Secondary phone number: 593980584551

Ex Pat Services

Lourdes Salinas

Facilitators, translators

Ex Pat Services of Cuenca. For the friendliest, most engaging, fun-filled experience, contact Lourdes at Ex Pat Services.

For guided walks in Cajas Park or Ingapirca, or facilitating apartment hunters, medical appointments, shopping assistance and more in Cuenca, let the trusted people of ExPat Services ‘help you to settle in’…

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0979908490

Find Health In Ecuador Dental Clinic

Dr. Andres Pacheco / Dr. No Pain

Medical - Doctors, clinics, hospitals

“Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” is an ‘American Standards’ Dental Clinic, located in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador, which proudly serves thousands of North American Expats living here, in addition to those visiting Ecuador as Dental Tourists for their Dental Care such as Implants and all Dental Needs.

Address: Medimagen Building (2nd Floor)
Av. Paseo de Los Canaris and Av. Pumapungo
Cuenca, Ecuador 010105

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 074108745

Secondary phone number: 9412270114

Gobig Web Design & Development

Jonathan Mogrovejo

Marketing, design and web development

We approach marketing in a very different way then many marketing agencies.
Each client is unique and therefor has different marketing needs.
We hand craft marketing campaigns according to the needs of each individual client.

Address: Primero de Mayo y Fernando de Aragon (Calle de retorno)

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0984822495

Isabel Mosquera

Facilitators, translators

If you are filing for a Temporary/Permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing.

City: Cuenca

Jazz Society Café

James Gala

Restaurants, bars and cafes

The Jazz Society Café is a jazz club/restaurant that presents live jazz “dinner concerts” 3 nights a week (Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays), featuring gourmet international cuisine. The Jazz Society Café was founded in 2012 by New York jazz pianist, Jim Gala, and Debby Degamo is the Manager and Master Chef.

Address: Los Cedros y Los Claveles (corner bldg. - one block north of Ordonez Lasso)

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0939342714

Secondary phone number: 0963223377

King Smokehouse

Retail and online stores

A wide variety of smoked and fresh meats, gourmet mixes (developed here for the altitude), salsas, Sauerkraut and more. Our products are all natural and are all prepared in our kitchen without additives or preservatives. We guarantee our quality and your enjoyment. Your one stop Gourmet Shop.

Address: Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar, Cuenca

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0969047724

La Verde Oveja

The Green Sheep Farm

Retail and online stores

The La Verde Oveja Project is a farm with lush green pasture, happily roaming sheep, hand-made specialty sheep milk cheese and high-quality lamb products being sold throughout Ecuador.

Address: San Antonio del Punge, Cotacachi, Imbabura Province, Ecuador

City: Cotacachi

Primary phone number: 0980286323

Leonardo Duran

Techguy Ec

Tech - Computers, Phones

Technical support (printer, computer, maintenance, iPad, wifi service)
• Do you need technical support with your PC, iPad/iPhone, MacBook Air/Pro or iMac?
• Wifi running slow?
• Experienced bilingual technician offering technical support service in Cuenca and its surroundings.
•At home service, service warrantied.

Address: Cuenca

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0983522685

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