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23 De Julio Credit Union

Marco León

Business services - Accounting, consulting

I can help you with information and services related to accounts, investments, certificates of
deposit, ATM cards, online banking, etc. Our Cooperative has more than 59 years in the financial market and is one of the largest Cooperatives in Ecuador. Risk Rating AA- the best

Address: Av. González Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril sector Totoracocha

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0992913161

Accro Corp

Business services - Accounting, consulting

At ACCRO, we are fully committed to helping our clients make sound financial decisions daily, we focus on unique tax laws, financial regulations, and business trends of your industry to provide you with the best advice, our services include:

  • Outsourcing accounting services
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Professional Translation Services

Address: Remigio Tamariz y 12 de Abril

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0998924870

Secondary phone number: 0996191775

Anubis Restaurant

Marlon Peña

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Dine at one of the best restaurants in Cuenca, Ecuador

Address: 12 de Octubre and Gonzalo Pizarro

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0987890649


Shipping, courier

Courier from USA to any part of Ecuador. Big or small we ship it all! Visit our website for pricing, how to and do’s and don’ts

Address: 8443 NW 68th St.
Miami, FL 33166

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 5618095691



Attorneys, lawyers and firms

*Notarial Services: Legalization of documents, powers of attorney, affidavits, wills, end of life time planning, trusts, etc.
*Court Representation: Representation for Civil, contract law, traffic offenses, & more .
*Legal Advice: Consultations and advice in various areas of law.
*Contract Law: Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, rentals, buying, selling.

Address: Jose Peralta 1-93 & Av. 12 de Abril (2nd floor Notaria Primera)

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0979202143

Bienes Raices Yanuncay

Cuenca Real Estate 593

Real estate agents and agencies

With over 25 years of experience in the local Cuenca Market, Bienes Raices Yanuncay and Cuenca Real Estate 593, are here for your real estate needs. Our licensed real estate agent will quote you real market prices, not Gringo prices. Send us an email with your needs.

Address: Control Sur, Cuenca, Ecuador

City: Cuenca

Bio Medica

Medical - Doctors, clinics, hospitals

Holistic Health & Wellness Center

We specialize in:

  • Digital Acupuntura
  • Pain relief
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Full Body Detoxificacion
  • Conoterapia
  • Detoxificacion of the blood
  • Body massage Aliment of the spine
  • Reflexologie
  • Nutrición Counseling
  • Meditacion
  • Neurological pain relief

Address: Juan Jaramillo 8 - 64 y Benigno Malo, Centro Historico, Cuenca, Ecuador

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 593987898700

Blue Box Insurance

Carlos Ramírez


We are a broker with 10 years of experience, serving foreigners living in Ecuador, we specialize in customer service, our staff is bilingual and highly trained and we have special plans for ex-pats. We have nationwide attention and physical offices in Cuenca and Manta.


City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0982465168

Bombadil Treats

Selva Inkana

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Vegan, keto and CBD friendly baked goodies. All items are home made and fresh. Request a menu and monthly promos to serve you the best medicated treats in Cuenca.

Address: Calle larga

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0990026504

Capitán & Co.

Seafood Restaurant

Restaurants, bars and cafes

When it comes to sea food, we know what we are talking about!

Address: Tomas ordoñez 6.76 and Presidente Cordova

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0996889993


Encarnación Gonzaga

Real estate agents and agencies

Carla Encarnación Gonzaga ( Realtor) 7 years helping Expat community. RENTALS- SALES

I am incredibly grateful for the pleasure of serving you and your family. Whether finding your a home or helping you sell yours so you can accomplish you other goals
Have Wonderful New Year 2023
WHATSAP 0939055399

Address: Rafael Fajardo Y Daniel Munoz

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0939055399

Cheers Resturant & Bar

Restaurants, bars and cafes

A place where we have daily scheduled events and monthly events. We love to serve the community of Cotacachi.

Address: 10 de Agosto y Pedro Moncayo Centro Commercial Albuja

City: Cotacachi

Primary phone number: 0986309465

Secondary phone number: 0968795918




Hello everyone we have an hike company located in Cuenca. We organise hikes to Parque nacional Cajas, Cojitambo, Ingapirca and Limón Indanza (in the amazone)

We organise the whole trip you don’t have to do anything. we speak French, dutch, english and spanish

We hope to see you soon!

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0991741765

Secondary phone number: 099758440

Common Grounds Sports Bar

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Family restaurant, sports bar, cafeteria we are a company created with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers with new products pleasing to the eye and palate, we have a cozy place with music and an incredible view of the city.

Address: Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia, Edificio Terra segundo piso, S/N zona rosa

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0981079406

Cooking With Rey

Authentic South East Asia Cuisine

Restaurants, bars and cafes

Authentic South East Asian Food.
Every week I make authentic South East Asian Food for a small number of guests in cozy quiet atmosphere. Join me and experience the true authentic flavors of Cambodia and South East Asia. Chef Sreymom

Address: San Sebastian park next to the museum of modern art

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0995443977



Retail and online stores

Cuenca Creators is ‘the’ place to find the best Artisan products in Cuenca! We carry a variety of foods, art, and crafts handmade by residents of Cuenca – both in store and online! Come support our local artisans and see what they have created for you today!

Address: Calle Larga y Benigno Malo (Sunrise Cafe)

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0959531101

Cuenca Christian Church


Making the Lord Jesus Christ known, knowing Him through the preaching and the study of the Bible, worship and congregational support of church members. Services conducted in English and Spanish.

Address: Esmeraldas 2-06 y Remigio Crespo

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0987520380

Cuenca English Lions Club

Clubs and groups

CELC takes an active interest in civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the Cuenca community. The club is a non-profit organization. Phone number is via WhatsApp.

Address: Kolo Altos del Hotel Vieja Mansion, Luis Codero5-65
BP Meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the month

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 593962908471

Cuenca Expat Insurance

Daniela Cordero


The needs for expats living in Ecuador are not at all the same, especially when it comes to health insurance.

We partner with a select group of insurance companies who provide, in some cases, excusive health insurance plans with terms and exceptions that we have requested that meet your needs.

Address: Av. Remigio Tamariz and Av. Solano
Edificio Office
5th Floor

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0995206384

Secondary phone number: 593995206384

Cuenca Expats Magazine

News, blogs, magazines

Cuenca Expats Magazine’s mission is to help build stronger, more cohesive expat communities and assist in integrating people into their adopted society as new and productive citizens. We hope to achieve this goal by offering English-language publications centered on expat life.

Address: 601 Pine n
Needle Drive

City: Cuenca

Primary phone number: 0959819747

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