Scott Fugit

By Scott Fugit The instant the question left my lips, I wanted it back. We had been doing so well, having good conversation at a popular Cuenca dinner party, meeting other expats and learning a lot about life in Ecuador. My wife, Dee, and I were chatting it up at one of our first gringo...
By Scott Fugit  He began his book, Vagabonding Down the Andes, with a warning to gringo hikers: “Tramping down the Andes is like walking on the ridge of a steep roof, you can slip off one side or the other and slide down to the Pacific or the Amazon.” That was Harry A. Franck in...
By Scott Fugit   “When you cease to learn, you cease to live.” As Mark Twain said back in the 1800’s, he could have been talking about expats and expat-wannabes. Wisdom and confidence are close companions. For someone trying to integrate into a foreign culture, Twain’s old saying works in several ways. Comfortable expat living in...
By Scott Fugit   “Why put chemicals in your body if you don’t need them?” I sat in the dental chair stunned. I had never heard a medical professional say such words. That would be heresy in the USA. It took me several long seconds to come up with a response, “I’m an American, drugs are...
By Scott Fugit   It was our first time stumbling off the long, red-eye flight from Houston into Quito’s brand new airport. We cleared customs, picked up our luggage and followed the crowd towards the transport area for the late night taxi ride into the city. I bought a bottle of water and took my change....
By Scott Fugit We stepped through the open concrete entry into a dimly lit crowded room. Small groups of people surrounded stainless-steel tables while standing in fur and bandages. Others held flashlights high. The air was heavy with many odors, something like the carne section at the local mercado, plus wet dog. We had just...


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The Cuenca Dispatch

Week of December 10 

“You remembered the poor people.”

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World Tourism Organization names Oyacachi one of the world’s best rural tourism destinations.

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Ecuador company leads ‘Ecuador Free of E-Waste’ initiative.

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Kronfle and Noboa slam Correismo’s request for impeachment of Attorney General.

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