By Sylvan Hardy As they do every year, a small group will gather Wednesday on the banks of the Rio Paute, near the town of Paute, to remember those killed 30 years ago in what has become known simply as the Josefina Disaster, a giant landslide that blocked the Rio Paute. The blockage created what […]


By Emily Ellison From the 1950s through the 1980s, Latin America was notorious for its brutal dictators, particularly for the way they tortured and murdered opponents. The most murderous dictators were in Argentina and Chile, both of which have acknowledged their bloody past. In recent years, hundreds-of-thousands have marched through the streets of Buenos Aires, […]


By Liam Higgins November 15 marks an anniversary of the bloodiest chapter in modern Ecuadorian history. By the end of the day in 1922, hundreds of protesting workers had died in a hail of gunfire. Three weeks earlier, on October 25, members of a railroad workers’ union gathered to protest in Durán, just east of […]


By Kristen Rogers Despite the wealth of knowledge regarding the transatlantic slave trade, the history of enslaved Africans forcibly brought to Latin America has yet to be fully explored. In a study published Thursday in the journal Current Biology, scientists tell the stories of three 16th-century enslaved Africans identified from a mass burial site in Mexico City, […]


By Michael Paulson These should be heady days for Roman Catholics in Latin America. For the first time, one of their own is serving as pope, providing a visible reminder of the importance the region plays in the global church. But after a century in which nearly all Latin Americans identified as Catholic, the church’s […]


By David Morrill Cuenca´s Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes, or Museum of Aboriginal Culture, is not your typical roadside attraction. Despite the fact that it is relatively small and privately owned, many consider it one of Ecuador’s best archeology and anthropology museums. Operated by La Fundacion Cultural Cordero, the museum displays the private collection of […]


By Scott Fugit   It was our first time stumbling off the long, red-eye flight from Houston into Quito’s brand new airport. We cleared customs, picked up our luggage and followed the crowd towards the transport area for the late night taxi ride into the city. I bought a bottle of water and took my change. […]


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Week of September 17.

Correismo candidate Luisa González says she was the target of an assassination plan Read more.
CNE announces topics for widely anticipated second-round presidential debate Read more.
Customs Reforms Allow for Tax-Free Imports of a Wider Range of Products via Air Travel Read more.




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