11th Anniversary Gala at the Jazz Society Café! 11/11/23


The Jim Gala Trio & Special Guest Artists!
**Saturday, November 11th**

The Jazz Society of Ecuador’s 11th Anniversary Gala!

2023 Jazz Festival at the Jazz Society Café!

“Cuenca’s Jazz Renaissance: A decade of Jim Gala’s influence”

11 years ago, Jim Gala founded The Jazz Society of Ecuador and its performance venue, the Jazz Society Café in Cuenca. At that time, jazz was almost non-existent in Cuenca and most of Ecuador.  Over the past decade, Jim’s dedication, and passion for jazz, “America’s original artform”, has transformed Cuenca into a vibrant destination for jazz enthusiasts to residents and international tourists alike.

Jim, a jazz pianist from New York, was soon joined by saxophonist Su Terry, and their performances and mentorship have not only elevated the local music scene but also inspired a new generation of young jazz musicians. Cuenca’s first dedicated jazz venue, the Jazz Society Cafe, has become the stage for over a thousand live jazz events, and each performance has contributed to Cuenca’s cultural assets and musical legacy.

As Cuenca’s jazz scene enters its 11th year, the Jazz Society Café remainsa home base for jazz enthusiasts, and continues to present live jazz performances, ensuring that the magic of jazz pulses throughout Cuenca and all of Ecuador.

Come celebrate with us as The Jazz Society of Ecuador celebrates its Anniversary, it’s clear that Jim Gala’s legacy is here to stay.

Reserve a table now, and experience an evening of unforgettable music and delicious food!

Jazz Society Cafe


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