3 Language learning mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to…


From learning grammar first to trying to make progress by adding more vocabulary.
These are three things to avoid when learning a second language>
1) Don’t learn grammar first, learn the Spanish phonics first, but don’t get obsessed with them since that’s just the framework of the language.
2) Don’t add new vocabulary without linking them to new verbs. For example: money/ spend, charge, waste, etc.
Food/ cook, fry, freeze, etc.
3) Don’t use a translator to test your pronunciation (they are not intended for natives, so, you don’t want to sound like a robot, do you?). Ask YouTube help instead… “How to pronounce ‘desafortunadamente’ in Spanish.
Trying to master Spanish as a no head chicken? no way! try this better:
Gmail me> we will have a 20 minutes meeting> I will determine if I can help you.

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