A Letter from Thor


Dear Kind-hearted Human,

Woof! My name is Thor and I’m penning you this letter in hopes that a little bit of Irish luck and a whole lot of compassion will find its way into your heart this St. Patrick’s Day.

You see, I may just be a humble FAAN shelter dog, but I’ve got big dreams. Dreams of wagging tails, warm beds, and most importantly, a forever home filled with love and kindness.

I’ve heard whispers around the shelter that we’re building a new home for us furry friends. A place where we can roam freely, play to our hearts’ content, and await the arrival of our forever families with hopeful tails wagging. But, as much as we wag our tails in anticipation, there’s still a hurdle to overcome – funding for construction.

This is where your kindness can make all the difference. I’ve been told about a double matching grant opportunity – a chance for every dollar you contribute to be doubled, effectively doubling the impact of your generosity. With your help, we can turn these dreams of a new shelter into a reality, brick by brick, paw by paw.

So, as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, surrounded by the luck of the Irish, please consider spreading a little luck of your own.
Thank you for considering my humble request, and may the luck of the Irish be with you today and always.

With boundless gratitude and a wagging tail,

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