Addressing the Situation When Your Primary Physician Suggests a Possibly Unnecessary Procedure


The elderly phase of life demands respect, care, and specialized attention. For expatriates who have spent years in the United States and across the globe and have chosen Ecuador as their new home, ensuring quality care is a priority. At Bluebox Asesores, we understand the importance of safeguarding your health and well-being, especially at a stage where care and medical attention are fundamental. Moreover, within our insurance method, we have incorporated personalized advice in case you have doubts about procedures suggested by your physician. Unfortunately, in Ecuador, there isn’t a legal entity that regulates the costs of surgeries and medical procedures in general. Hence, medical professionals are free to set their own price lists and apply them as they deem fit. This is why we always recommend seeking a second medical opinion.

Ecuador offers a unique healthcare system, and adapting to this change can be challenging. At Bluebox Asesores, we comprehend the differences and provide support to ensure you feel safe and supported in transitioning to this healthcare system. We provide informative data about clinics, pharmacies, and clinical laboratories within your health plan. With this information, you can access all the services offered by your plan through a minimal cost known as a COPAY. This term refers to the partial value you are responsible for in your medical care and access to medicine, blood tests, imaging, and others…continue reading

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