BBA & HUMANA Seminar


BBA has recently renewed its commercial ties with the insurance company Humana. In light of this, a seminar was conducted on how to make the most of the benefits offered by this esteemed company’s policies. The seminar featured the presence of key figures from Humana, as well as special guests who provide services to the expatriate community residing in Ecuador. BBA’s vision and mission are clear: to provide the best benefits from contracted policies at the best prices, accompanied by unparalleled service. Moreover, BBA offers a unique guarantee to its loyal members, promising excellence in customer service. We are the only broker that invests in its members, having conducted more than ten seminars in 2023 throughout Ecuador, allowing us to closely understand their needs, faces, and cases. We have taken a personal interest in their well-being, and our promise as a company is to provide you with quality service, with the best testament being a recommendation of excellent service…continue reading

Carlos Ramirez

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