Benefits of contracting a policy with Confiamed


Confiamed, founded in Ecuador in 2009, stands out for its prompt payments, agility in reimbursements, and highly trained human capital. Through Bluebox advisors, Confiamed strengthens alliances, offering additional benefits like a unique dental plan for affiliates. Contracting with Confiamed brings exclusive advantages such as extensive provider networks, travel coverage, telemedicine, and timely reimbursements, facilitated by a user-friendly settlement portal.

Confiamed offers diverse insurance types with varying coverage amounts, deductibles, and monthly costs. The major medical expenses plan, combinable with a low-layer policy, provides comprehensive coverage starting at $39.20 per month. These plans cover nationwide clinics and soon extend to Colombia, offering benefits like 100% deductible coverage within the network.

In addition to coverage details, a comprehensive table outlines Confiamed’s network and general benefits, including the exclusive “BLUEBOX DENTAL CARE” plan. While basic dental coverage is available on the official website, the plan designed for Bluebox affiliates is more extensive. Interested parties can request a complete quote to understand the product fully.

Confiamed aims to provide superior benefits compared to other insurers, with prompt reimbursements and minimal fee deductions. While not all procedures or medications are covered, exclusions are typical and regulated by the country’s laws. Confiamed prioritizes comprehensive coverage at regulated costs, promising responsiveness to affiliates’ needs.

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