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Visa and Immigration Law: We excel in securing the right visas and guiding you through the immigration process.

Civil Law and Property law: Our experienced team give you personalized solutions for any legal issues you may face, making sure your rights are protected.

Wills and End-of-life: Safeguard your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of with our expert advice on wills and estate planning.

Contract Law: Whether you’re starting a business or signing agreements, our legal experts will review and draft contracts that secure your best interests.

Legal Translations: Overcome language barriers with our precise and reliable legal translation services. Translated and notarized documents in less than 24h!!

Notary Procedures: We will help you to authenticate and legalize your documents with utmost precision.

Mediation: In case of disputes, our skilled mediators will guide you towards fair and amicable resolutions, avoiding costly and time-consuming stressful legal battles.

Legal Real Estate Advice: Whether buying, selling, or renting property in Ecuador, trust our expert attorneys to navigate the real estate landscape.

Banking Advice: Ensure your financial interests are secure with our professional banking advice tailored to expats.

Facilitator Services: We understand the challenges that expats face in a new country. We are your trusted advisors, advocates, and facilitators, ensuring your experience in Ecuador is rewarding and hassle-free.

Join the thriving community of satisfied clients who’ve found their legal haven with us. Don’t settle for anything less – Join Forces with the Best.

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