Cuenca Monica relocation consultant services


I established Mónica Gonzaga Facilitator in 2014, hailing from Machala. With degrees in business administration from Ecuador and business from Devry University in New Jersey, my US experience led me back to Ecuador, where I started assisting the expat community in Cuenca.

My expertise, dedication, persistence, and charm have positioned me as a prominent Facilitator. Not only building a domestic clientele but also tapping into international markets.

I aim to offer impeccable support, easing cultural transitions and challenges that arise in your new home. I can help you with:

• Temporary and Permanent Resident visas for Ecuador and other nations
• Visa Transfers and Renewals
• Dependent Visas
• Ecuadorian Citizenship
• End-of-life Planning, Will Drafting
• Marriage Registrations
• Cedulas, Driver’s Licenses, Car Registrations
• Power of Attorney
• Document Translations
• Financial Services: Bank Accounts, Investments, Real Estate
• Governmental Procedures
• And many more

Cuenca Monica relocation consultant services

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