Discover the Power of Advisors in the Ecuadorian Insurance Market


In Ecuador’s vibrant insurance sector, 19 health insurance companies vie for your attention with individual plans. But amidst this array of options, who should you trust with your insurance needs: an advisor or a seller?

Here’s the scoop: advisors prioritize your needs, leveraging their expertise to tailor plans to fit you like a glove. On the flip side, sellers are more focused on meeting their company’s quotas. Picture this: advisors work for you, sellers work for the insurance company.

Ever wondered what it means to be an insurance producer? It’s about crafting bespoke insurance solutions based on intricate analysis, ensuring your plan reflects your unique circumstances. This is where corporate plans come into play, offering unparalleled benefits and negotiation power.

Why settle for less? With a corporate plan, your broker takes the helm in negotiating premiums and protecting your rights. At BLUEBOX, our track record speaks volumes. Founded in 2012, we’ve climbed the ranks to become one of Ecuador’s top 10 brokers. With my extensive domestic and international education, including an MBA and engineering degree, I’ve garnered recognition from leading insurers.

At BLUEBOX, we’re committed to crafting tailored proposals that align with your needs. Whether you’re seeking bespoke corporate plans or standard options, our dedicated team ensures national-level service for every requirement.

Ready to unlock the perfect insurance solution? Reach out to us today. Remember, with the right advisor by your side, a low-cost plan doesn’t mean compromising on quality.


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