Do not delay your end of life, will or health power of attorney any longer.


Now you can have your end of life and your health power of attorney in a single
document. Organize the distribution of your assets through a will and let the executor take care of everything.
Our Team:

Luis Urgilés, is a retired judge and former President of the Provincial Court of Justice of Azuay, Master in Administrative Law, Commissioner of the ombudsman’s office in Azuay, Academic advisor and teacher of the masters in constitutional, political and administrative law of the Eloy Alfaro University, District Delegate of the State Attorney General’s Office Azuay, and more.

Indira Urgilés, has held positions as Ecuadorian Central Authority of International Adoptions at MIES (Ministry of Social Inclusion), National Attorney of Adoptions and Legal Status Clarification and Foreign Affairs Specialist. Honest and strong professional skilled in case study, legal interpretation, languages, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, and more.

Karina Urgilés, She has worked for more than 10 years with foreigners, providing visa services, wills, real estate, etc., She is the founder and administrator of Expat Community EC.

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