Double Dog Dare


In this series of our Adult and Senior Dog Adoption Campaign, Fundación FAAN is pleased to introduce Tango who is nine years young. Tango loves to walk with you and will his tail ever wag when he discovers you picked him!

Reason # 1 for Adopting a Senior Dog
Immediate Companionship: Senior dogs often adapt quickly to their new homes, providing immediate companionship and comfort. They may be more content to spend quiet time with their owners, making them suitable for individuals or families looking for a more laid-back pet.
Write us at to meet Tango or one of our other amazing senior dogs at FAAN.
They never lose hope that their day will come when they have their own family

If you are unable to currently adopt a dog, you can still be a “Dog Parent” to a FAAN shelter dog with your financial support for a shelter dog like Tango.
Now through January 31st, your donation to FAAN is doubled by a generous, anonymous donor.

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