Embrace the Wisdom of Eclipse Season: Ancestral Connections & Renewal


Dear Beloved Community,

This October, as Eclipse Season dawns, we stand on the threshold of profound transformation. This sacred period invites us to release outdated relationship patterns and confront imbalanced power dynamics. True power, we learn, emanates from within, untainted by societal norms.

Under the shadow of the South Node eclipse on Oct. 14th, we’re urged to let go of unnecessary burdens, making room for authentic connections and fresh beginnings. As the veil thins between realms, we’re prompted to explore our ancestral lineage, shedding inherited imbalances and relinquishing codependent survival strategies that have passed down to us through generations.

Amidst these cosmic shifts, be kind to yourself and others. Eclipse Season is a time of deep purification, guiding us back to the brilliance of our inner power. As a collective, we are opening to an energy period of profound purification that serves to guide us back to the radiant clarity of our own power. If your spirit resonates with this journey, consider a transformative shamanic healing. Reach out via email for details and join us on this path of renewal.

In the ebb and flow of life, self-care is not just a choice, but an essential guiding principle. May you navigate this cosmic dance with grace and self-compassion.

With blessing of renewals for all in our community,




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