End of life Plan – General POA & Will


Did you know that a General Power of Attorney covers everything, Medical Decisions, Financial Decisions, and decisions of your assets in general? also, with a general power of attorney someone can legally represent you in a bank or government institution, there are many things that can be done with a general power of attorney and has its limitations, it can also serve beyond after life, if you want to know more come, I will explain you all consult me, you not need to pay thousands of dollars to lawyers or people without experience.
Monica Gonzaga has the experience, working for the Expats community since 2014, recommendations speak for themselves.
I made hundreds of wills and has an excellent End of life plan. There are many things that you have not thought about how to do. Did you know that only one person named in a power of attorney would not be enough? This person that you assign if she does not know the language will be lost without knowing what to do because we do not talk more about it. Monica Gonzaga Consultant will open your eyes to many things that happen, and you are not prevented. You will learn many things that you do not even imagine.
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