FAAN Thanks Ital Deli, Prime Pet and Italimentos


A very special Thank You FAAN’s Community Partners, Ital Deli, Prime Pet and Italimentos! These incredible business partners donated 1,000 pounds of fresh food to FAAN this past week. Be sure when you shop our favorite deli, you thank them on behalf of FAAN.

Everyone knows FAAN is building a new, modern shelter, perhaps less known is that we as with animal shelters around the world, rely on business and personal donations for the day-to-day food security for the 150 dogs in our care.

To donate food, medicine, and supplies at any time, contact us at info@FAANecuador.org and we will arrange a pick-up.

Remember, we have more than 150 amazing dogs just waiting for their forever home. Visit our website and see which of our doglets you would like to meet on a first date. One of our FAAN adoption specialists will work with you to meet your match.




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