Feeling blue, stress or sad? Join our group for a Mindful Walking


Join us in this amazing Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction technique. This is exactly what you need if you don’t like a heavy workout and you want to improve your mood.

We will get together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 Puentes (Primero de Mayo) and walk while using mindfulness techniques like breathing, affirmations and visualizations up to Las Americas.

Please remember to bring a bottle of water, a hat and if it’s raining an umbrella. Make sure you check with your medical provider before you engage in any physical activity.

In order to enroll yourself please send us an email with your name and your contact information. We need a minimum of 5 people to begin.

We will start Monday, April 1 at 9:00.

Remember, you’ll improve your mood, decrease stress, anxiety and you’ll have a great time to start your day.

Mindful Walking



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