Feminine Ceremony: San Pedro Medicine & Power Walk


Open yourself up to an exceptional experience of feminine harmonization & rebirth with this Ceremony Invite: San Pedro Medicine and Power Walk, exclusively for women. Come and join us in the journey of growth, connection with Mother Nature, and healing of the feminine heart.

Regarding *this specific ceremony* here is a simple outline:
We will present ourselves to the ceremonial fire and take our first power plant medicine- rapé- to to prepare our body and mind for deep connection. Afterwards, we will ingest the sacred San Pedro medicine and rest as a group. After resting, we will go on a meditative nature walk and express our gratitude towards Mother Earth with a “pago”, or offering. Sigsig’s natural beauty and rich ancestral heritage is a perfect setting for inviting connection to feminine energies. Following the walk, we return to the sacred fire to rest and prepare for the temazcal experience and will harmonize our feminine energies in a women’s circle. Following the temazcal medicine, we close our sacred space and enjoy fruits and tea around the fire.

Ceremony Details:
Date: 3rd, Feb. Saturday
Ceremony Start in Sigsig: 11:00am
Temazcal: 6:00pm
Ceremony Leader: Tayta Ivan Navarro
Integration Guide & Translator: Mary Colleen Eschenburg
Cost: $85

*Transportation & lodging options are available upon request, at an additional cost*
Tayta Ivan Navarro is a shaman from Chile with over 40+ years of experience in healing arts.
Colleen Eschenburg is an of End-of-Life Doula and offers emotional & spiritual accompaniment to participants.

Mary Colleen Eschenburg



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