Fluency can’t buy happiness,but…


…it sure makes your life in Ecuador easier to live.
Would it be easier if Spanish native speakers spoke slower?
Spanish speakers from the Ecuadorian Coast speak faster than Andean speakers.
But the real reason why you perceive Spanish like that is because
>Spanish is a syllable timed language while English is a stress timed language (this is what makes you sound foreign while speaking Spanish).

The more you imitate the rhythm, the more you will sound like native Spanish native speakers.
The more you become familiar with its rhythm, the more you will feel confident to speak.
How do you gain confidence? Learning and practicing in a proper way.
if you can’t pronounce them, learn them.
Wanting to work on your spoken skills?
G-mail me and I will determine if I can help you.

Colibrí Azul Spanish lessons


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