Free Walking Tours in Cuenca


We know that you want to make the most of your time in a new city, that’s why we bring you the best Free Walking Tours in Cuenca- Ecuador, since 2016.

Our passionate young and talented hosts bring their city, culture, history, and heritage to life, revealing remarkable, hollow stories and wacky oddities in an advice-based model that allows guests to support and reward only the highest quality tours, and ensure that the tour meets your expectations and your budget; we keep the quality, warmth and fun with you in your stay in the city from the heart of what we love to do. So get ready for a real experience that combines the rural and urban culture of beautiful Cuenca.

Tours available Monday through Saturday at 11:100 am and 15:00 pm.

Reserve your place on our website.

Free Walking Tours Cuenca
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Free Walking Tours Cuenca


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