From FAQ to Odd Asked Questions (Part 2)


> Can I meet you in order to determine if you are qualified to teach me?
No, if after reading my posts you are not convinced that what i offer has value, you should take lessons with another teacher.

>I have been paying X dollars per lesson with X teacher, do you offer some specials?
I value my time enough, I hope you do too.
“Solo el necio confunde valor y precio”
Quote by Antonio Machado (poet).

> Can I pay with magic beans, guinea pigs, craft beers or Ecuadorian bananas? Good try! but unfortunately these payments are not available currently.

Did I hear: “Okay Vilma, just cut to the chase and tell me what to do?” por supuesto, vamos al grano!
Just one spot left:
Will you grab it now?
Will you grab it in 2025? (shhhhhh, probably I will be retired by that time).

December is knocking the door… knock knock, do you hear it?
Oh no! it’s already here! and we are still wearing the November mood.
Let’s enjoy the last month of the year with some traditional pastries> buñuelos (these little guys are a mouth-watering treat for Christmas!!!).

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