HEALING Massages Therapy


Healing happens where you are most comfortable; what better place than your home!

Massage Therapy consists of all types of massages. Some may be for injury or stress, and others for therapy after an injury. There are also massages to treat headaches. Stress causes your muscles to tighten, and as they draw, they begin to pull and hurt. A good massage will help you to relax and pain-free.

Deep tissue massages help your muscles after they are pushed to the limit. These massages go deep into the muscle tissue to promote blood circulation and work out any pulls or strains you may have.

Work or sport-related injuries are also commonly helped with massages. Massages help release the pain, loosen the muscles, and promote blood circulation if you have suffered an injury.

The benefits of massage are to reduce blood pressure, headaches, swelling, and other injuries.

Massage therapy works for many issues, and I will help you feel great. Make an appointment today.

Schedule your in-home 90-minute massage on the day and time that suits you best.

Massage costs USD 45

Elsa Rojas


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