Health, Trust, and Thankfulness: My Insurance Journey 🌐


Being an insurance agent has given me the opportunity to meet beautiful people. Individuals who have entrusted me with the most precious thing a human being has, their health! It’s a great responsibility that I wholeheartedly accept. Constant contact with my clients is key; often, they ask for recommendations for doctors, places to buy clothes, food, etc. However, it’s not all sunshine, and I’ve also learned from challenging experiences that help me grow as a person.

This year, I was fortunate that expats living in Cuenca for over 10 years sought me out to be their health insurance agent. That’s very significant as they have many experiences with other insurance providers, and they’ve chosen us. I take this opportunity at the beginning of the year to thank all the people who trust in my work.

I’m sharing this photo that Karen took; her dog and I simply connected. Greetings!

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