Healthcare Options in Cuenca: Quality, Affordability, and Specialist Care”


In Cuenca, we have several clinics and hospitals of excellent quality, catering to every budget. The most popular private hospitals are Santa Inés, Hospital del Río, and Monte Sinaí. However, there are other hospitals with excellent staff and medical technology, such as Clínica Santa Ana, Latino Clínica, and Hospital San Juan de Dios, among others.
In my opinion, it’s more important to seek out the best specialist, who may or may not be affiliated with the top hospitals or may work across several facilities. Many doctors who have offices at Monte Sinaí also practice at Clínica Latino. Doctors from Hospital del Río also work at Clínica Santa Ana. For example, Dr. Marco Carrión, an excellent Orthopedic Doctor, also attends and performs surgeries at Clínica Latino. You may wonder what the difference is: the price! The hospital stay at Clínica Latino is more affordable, but that doesn’t mean it lacks excellent rooms and services. This was a personal experience as I underwent surgery at this medical facility, and everything was perfect.
Many people who may not be able to afford private insurance have excellent options available. As always, I emphasize the importance of consulting with your agent so they can help you find the best medical option.

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