Hearts of Gold Volunteer Meeting


Do you have a passion for community service? Would you like to play a role in enhancing the quality of life in our city for everyone? If so, this is your exclusive invitation!
We are hosting a special gathering for ex-pats retired in Cuenca interested in participating in community service programs and projects. The meeting is set to unfold at #HeartsOfGold at 3.00PM, providing a platform for us to exchange experiences, share ideas, and, most importantly, channel our collective commitment to making a meaningful impact.
For a decade, Hearts Of Gold has dedicated its efforts to the betterment of the Azuay community, positively influencing the lives of over 50,000 individuals, spanning across children, the elderly, women, and those with disabilities. We aspire to continue this mission and touch the lives of thousands more, and we believe your involvement is key to achieving this.
During this gathering, we’ll delve into detailed information about available volunteer opportunities, ongoing projects, and ways in which you can contribute. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow expatriates who share similar interests, all while savoring a delightful cup of coffee.
We genuinely look forward to your presence, anticipating the joy we can experience together as we serve our beautiful community! Your contribution can truly make a difference!

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