Here They Are! Finalists for FAAN and Cosecha’s Wine to the Rescue Competition


Congratulations to all Contestants of “Wine to the Rescue.” As you will see, our Judges have a nearly impossible job of selecting the pups to be featured on Fundacion FAAN and Cosecha’s Holiday Wines to help us raise construction funds for the new and modern Cuenca animal shelter.

Thanks to all of our beautiful contestants! Pawsome all!
Await the winners of the labels for the great Chardonnay and Cabernet Wines available this holiday to benefit FAAN’s mission, including our urgent need to raise construction funds for Cuenca’s new and modern animal shelter.

Thank you to the amazing Cosecha Restaurant and Wine Store, donating all proceeds from drinking two great wines this holiday to benefit animal welfare in Cuenca. How grape is that!

We hope you and your pet enjoy this photo montage and we invite you to join us at FAAN with your donation of food and supplies for our dogs through Amigo Secreto and financial support for our building fund as a member of the Paws Circle of Benefactor.
For US citizens, FAAN is affiliated with our sister US non-profit Amici Cannis and your gift is tax-deductible when using this credit card link or mailing your donation to our Colorado address

FAAN Wine to the Rescue Finalists!



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