Hot Off the Presses: Your FAAN Magazine


The volunteers of FAAN are thrilled to share with Cuenca High Life Readers, the latest edition of FAAN Magazine.

Get ready to dig into this special issue with tips for pet owners, information on upcoming events, a spotlight on volunteering with FAAN, and an update on the building of the first, modern animal shelter in Ecuador and South America.

If you’re disturbed and saddened by Cuenca’s homeless dog problem in our beautiful World Heritage City and want to be part of the solution, we invite you to join us on a transformational and yet inspiring journey. We won’t kid you! It’s not a sprint but a marathon as we focus on long-term, evidence-based strategies including shelter, prevention, education, and adoption.

And while there are days when we find ourselves still in horrible rescue situations, we are seeing this transformation take hold, and know together, we are making Cuenca known as “The City that Cares About Animal Welfare.”

We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear from you.
As a note through the end of May, all donations to FAAN are doubled by a generous animal lover! This matching grant doubles your impact on animal welfare!

With appreciation and love from
The FAAN-ATIC Team of Volunteers and the FAAN Pups in our Care

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FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal)


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