How do Spoken Spanish sessions work?


The very beginners sessions work like this:
>How to articulate/ theoretical and practical explanations about articulation points and how to move the tongue, contrast with your native language (for English and German speakers), using the same instruments (articulation organs) to play a different type of music (languages), and of course, how to perform this music.

>Phonemic awareness/ you will inform your brain in a polite way that you will add some new sounds to the previous track list. Pronouncing correctly will increase your confidence.

The intermediate sessions work like this:
>Perception/ What your brain is expecting in your native language is beautifully packed in other words, other subtle meanings and we will work on how to perceive them.

>Decoding/ Reading vs speaking, reorganization of the spoken language, why is it so hard to understand and how to decode the message (the hardest challenge for a non native speaker).

The advanced sessions work like this:
Well, it’s late and Pumbaa my black furry friend is waiting for his daily walking, I will tell you more tomorrow.

Wondering about next sessions in January? schedules? doubts? G-mail me.

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