Howl to Make a Difference for Abused, Abandoned and Neglected Dogs in Cuenca


FAAN Invites you to be part of a true, Christmas Miracle this holiday season as we work to transform Animal Welfare in our World Heritage City of Cuenca.
We thank everyone who has joined our Foundation’s mission as a donor and -or volunteer and we are blessed to share with you that we have received a tremendous holiday gift from our mystery donor who is not only passionate about animal welfare, he’s pleased with our 2023 progress.

Your donation to FAAN through the end of January to FAAN will be doubled up to $20,000 so we can raise $40,000 to start building the new shelter and get to work on the prize of reducing Cuenca’s street dog population through evidence-based prevention strategies and community education.

Howl to Help

Donate through a variety of payment options including US. Tax-deductible contribution through our sister non-profit Amici Cannis at

Purchase FAAN’s Wine to the Rescue with Cosecha Wine Store this Holiday Season with all profits benefiting the new shelter.

Become a FAAN Amigo Secreto with monthly sponsorship of a specific FAAN Shelter Dog.

Write us at and a FAAN volunteer will work with you in your special way of being a part of our dream that Cuenca will become known as “The City that Cares” about Animal Welfare.



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