Hydration’s Beauty & Weight Loss IV


Beauty IV

Hydrate your skin back to health by promoting collagen and elastin development to fight the signs of aging. This unique blend of vitamins and antioxidants will help give you the flawless glowing skin you want, reduce inflammation and enhance your immune system.

INGREDIENTS: Mega Dose VitC | Glutathione

Weight Loss IV

Reach your weight loss goals faster by adding this powerful dose of uniquely concentrated fluids to your exercise and diet routine. This IV drip is packed with amino acids to boost metabolism, give you natural energy, increase stamina, and restore lean muscle. Watch the stubborn fat melt away and kick your waistline into better shape by giving your body the support it needs!


Mega Dose VitC | Amino Acids

Absorb It All IV

Do you have Crohn’s Disease, malabsorption, or other gut health issues? This drip provides vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and additional components to make you feel great!


Megadose Vitamin C | B-Complex | Amino Acids |

Cost of IV $85.00 + $5.00 transportation fee

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