If you would like to make much more on your savings…


… and if you lije sushi, we have the perfect combo for you!!

Osaka Ramen is expanding and I am looking for a few good investors to help me make my dream come true.

Hi, I’m Ray Huntley. I am the owner of the two Osaka Ramen restaurants on San Sebastian Plaza. We opened our first restaurant there seven years ago, and four years later, when we became too busy at that location, we opened a second a few doors away to serve our many diners better.

We are offering these investor a unique combination of free sushi (or Ramen, stirfry, etc), combinated with a very high return on their money.

In terms of return on your money, we offer returns of 12% to 15%. The rate is determined by the size of your investment and the time you are willing to keep your money with us.

Now for the sushi. Each investor shall receive free sushi for themselves and three of their guests as long as they keep their investment with us. The larger their investment the more free sushi.

If you would like to learn more please contact us

Osaka Ramen


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