IV Support by Elsa Rojas


IV therapy is the infusion of specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and homeopathic treatments customized to your current needs.

IVs are for mostly ‘healthy’ patients wanting gentle replenishment of nutrients and hydration they may need for health conditions that are transient and self-limiting, such as general viral infections, dehydration from overactivity or travel, chronic stress, mild sleep issues and general fatigue.

Selenium IV and Zinc IV Nutrient Therapy- $60.00
Mega doses of Vitamin C-$50.00
IV Vit C + Bs + Glutathione – $70.00
Chelation – $85.00
Myers’ cocktail-$85.00
Selenium – $50.00
Glutathione – $55.00
Joint Pain & Arthritis IV Therapy- Collagen and Vitamin – $85.00
Boost Your Immunity IV Vitamin Therapy – $85.00
VitC +Alpha lipoic+Glutathione+Q10 IV Therapy $85.00
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) + Vitamin C IV therapy $65.00

+ USD 5 transportation fee

I do house calls outside Cuenca.

Elsa Rojas


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