January 2024 is the Year of Dreams & A Double Match


2023 was our year to purchase permanent land for Ecuador’s most modern, animal shelter, and 2024 is our year to build and launch our community Spay-Neuter campaigns for Cuenca’s homeless street dogs.

At FAAN (Fundación Familia Amor Animal) we have been gifted with a New Year’s $20,000 matching grant by our benefactor to raise the needed construction funds to build the shelter quickly and move our dogs. Right now at the temporary shelter with the rains, conditions have worsened and there is great urgency for us to build quickly. We think we can do it with your help through this January matching grant.

We are overwhelmed by individuals and businesses who have already joined our PAWS Circle of Benefactors so we can realize the Foundation’s dream announced a little over a year ago, which includes not only the new shelter for the most vulnerable dogs but education on responsible pet care, prevention and creating a culture of Adoption.

Visit us at FAANecuador.org to donate your matching gift for double impact or ask to meet personally with a FAAN volunteer regarding the Foundation’s mission and roadmap. We would also love to talk with you about volunteering with us.





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