Liver Detox Drip


You can detox your liver, strengthen your heart, and protect your body from free radicals with a specialized IV drip.

Glutathione is the “master” antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals such as superoxide and reactive oxygen species (ROS) like hydroxy radicals, peroxynitrites, and hydroperoxides, all of which are byproducts of oxygen metabolism in the mitochondria. Free radicals and ROS can cause damage to DNA, proteins, and cell membranes, altering their function and causing mutations. They may also be implicated in chronic illnesses like cancer or heart disease. Glutathione renders these molecules inert, protecting you from their destructive effects. Detoxification is another primary function of glutathione. It attaches to substances like heavy metals and xenobiotics—molecules that need to be excreted—forming “conjugates” that make them easier to eliminate by the liver via bile and the kidneys via urine. B Complex vitamins and Selenium are also added, which act as a powerful antioxidant against oxidative stress and facilitate metabolism.

Benefits of glutathione:

Prevents chronic illness
Slows the aging process
Boosts athletic ability
Controls inflammation
Detoxifies the liver

For all its benefits, glutathione struggles with one thing: getting absorbed into our bodies. Oral glutathione supplements are a start, but stomach enzymes immediately dissolve the bonds holding the three amino acids together. And without those bonds, they won’t be absorbed into our systems.

However, when you take glutathione intravenously through IV infusion therapy, it goes right into the bloodstream.

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