Massage services by Elsa Rojas


I offer 90-minute sessions at this time. Not sure what type of massage is best for you? I will gladly help you select the service that best meets your needs. Services are scheduled by appointment only in the comfort of your home.


De-stress and unwind during this full-body massage with light to medium pressure. This massage will soothe your body and mind, transporting you to a tranquil state of relaxation.

90 Min – $45


Find relief from chronic pain, tension and tightness caused by injury or overworked muscles. This therapeutic massage focuses on specific problem areas, with deep pressure applied during the massage. This massage is beneficial for those with chronic muscle tension and pain.

90 Min – $45


Improve your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury with deep tissue massage, stretching and compression techniques. This massage reduces muscle pain and joint soreness, increases flexibility and speeds recovery from injuries or overworked muscles.

90 Min – $45

Elsa Rojas

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