NEW Exception Temporary Residency “VIRTE” Visa per Foreigners who have overstayed and/or not left Ecuador


Per the above referenced new Ecuadorian VIRTE Visa on behalf of Foreigners who have overstayed and/or not left Ecuador, it’s important to note that this type of Residency Visa is for the benefit of all Foreigners of every type nationality who are at this time in or of an Irregular Migratory Status.  That is to say, this kind of Visa is specifically for purposes of regularizing most Foreigners currently residing in Ecuador without a valid Visa, and indeed, it’s now available for virtually all Foreigners who wish to get Regularized with the aim of residing during the years ahead in Ecuador. And so now, in order to apply for a VIRTE Visa, a Foreigner with an Irregular Migratory Status has to meet the following requirements:

  • You must have first entered Ecuador through a legally established Immigration Point (i.e. an Airport or other Border Crossing where a valid T-3 Visa stamp was originally issued to you).
  • Your Irregular Migratory Status must have begun in Ecuador by or before September 16th, 2022, and so Foreigners who became Irregular (i.e. having an Irregular Migratory Status) in Ecuador after this date will not be able to apply for a VIRTE Visa.
  • Registration of Migratory Permanence (i.e. Migratory Movement in and per Ecuador).
  • Background Check(s) from the Foreigner’s country of origin, along with the applicable Apostille or Double Legalization of it (that being specific to the Foreigner’s country of origin).

The benefits of obtaining a VIRTE Visa is that you can apply for and receive this class of Residency Visa at the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (i.e. it’s done entirely here in Ecuador without leaving the country), and you should also know that this Visa will be valid for 2 years in the form of a Temporary Residency Visa, per which you can renew it only once thereafter for a further 2 years and you will also obtain an Ecuadorian Identity Card (Cedula ID) upon receipt of your VIRTE Visa.

The VIRTE Visa is an excellent option to live for an extended period of time in Ecuador with a newly Regularized Immigration Status.

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