Relieve Drip


Fight back against pain and discomfort with Relieve Drip. It also improves skin health, increases blood cell count, and improves mental clarity and function.

This blend includes B complex vitamins, calcium chloride, and hydroxo B12 to support nervous system health, improve blood cell production, enhance energy, and improve brain/nervous system function.


• Improved Mental Clarity and Function
• Improved Muscle Strength
• Improved Nerve Function
• Increased Metabolism


• Weight Loss Support
• Reduced Bloating
• Improved Bone Health
• Improved Skin Health
• Healthy Brain Function

Main Ingredients:

Calcium Chloride is a vital mineral for strong bones, muscles, nerves, and cell function.

Magnesium Chloride regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and healthy muscle and nerve function. Assists with the production of proteins, bone minerals and DNA.

Vitamin B Complex improves skin health, increases blood cell count, and boosts metabolism.

B12 improves brain function, fights mental fog, and improves nerve and blood cell health.

Schedule your in-home IV drip on the day and time that suits you best.

Cost of IV $85.00 + $5.00 transportation fee. Cuenca

Available to help you outside Cuenca on Saturday only.

Elsa Rojas

098 177 4961

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