Securing Your Health Insurance Claims with Transparent Preexisting Condition Declarations


How to Declare Transparent Preexisting Conditions in Ecuador
It is crucial to understand the difference in how preexisting conditions are evaluated in Ecuador. In Ecuador, preexisting conditions include all illnesses, surgeries, bone fractures, etc., that a person has experienced throughout their life. I realize this may sound unusual, but it is the only way to avoid surprises after two years and the denial of reimbursements for undeclared preexisting conditions. Personally, I advise my clients to disclose everything, even illnesses or surgeries from 25 years ago.
This approach allows the insurance company to rule out preexisting conditions, assuring the client that their claim will be reimbursed after a 2-year waiting period. As one client mentioned, the health insurance system in the United States operates differently. Regarding preexisting conditions, they are more flexible; for instance, if a patient has cancer and has had no issues for 10 years, it is no longer considered a preexisting condition.
It is imperative to understand how preexisting conditions are handled in Ecuador. That is the key to ensuring the medical insurance policy provides the appropriate coverage.

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