Shamanic Healing & Energy Rebalance – Elder Taita visits Cuenca


In ancestral wisdom traditions, all illness, whether physical, emotional or psychological, stems from an illness of Spirit – a separation of the self from one’s true essence. In Andean shamanism, “limpias” – or energy cleanses – help restore a person’s energy body to its natural state, creating balance, healings and reestablishing the natural current of vital energy to the physical body.

With the help of a shaman, stronger interventions are possible. Shamans act as a liaison between the spiritual and physical worlds and can assist in a retrieval of soul loss, repairing psychic and energetic intrusions, discharging ancestral karma, and restoring a person’s human connection to the natural world.

This is the medicine before ‘medicine’.

Taita Ivan Navarro, an elder shaman from Chile with over 40 years of service in the healing arts, will be in Cuenca offering ancestral Andean limpias/energy healings for the next month.

Healing sessions are private, and may include the use of: smoke, tobacco, sweet/bitter plants, crystals, fire, or power plants.

Cost is $70.

Please send a message via email to book a session.

If interested in other services such as: sweat lodge/temazcal, private or group services for specific needs/occasions, power plant medicine ceremonies, or would like to join a local opportunity to experience ancestral healing first hand, please send a message via email for more information.

Mary Colleen


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