“Shaping Ecuador’s Healthcare Future: The IESS Challenge and Coverage Strategies for Affiliates”


The IESS is an autonomous institution responsible for implementing mandatory general insurance. In other words, its main function is to protect the rights of Ecuadorian workers who are insured. The inclusion of voluntary affiliates, which includes expatriates, has allowed the general public to access healthcare services such as medicine, medical appointments, emergencies, laboratory tests, and surgeries. This opportunity has also been utilized by foreigners who chose to settle in Ecuador. They have been able to access low-cost healthcare services, but often lack the necessary understanding of how the IESS system works.
The current situation of the IESS is concerning, as it owes money to several external service providers. This lack of financial flow is affecting its affiliates, who have stopped receiving their monthly medications, specialist appointments, or are facing months-long waits for surgeries…Continue reading

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