Spanish training FAQ (Part 1)


> I am already enrolled in X language school, does your training course work for me?
If your current Spanish school brushes up your listening skills, you don’t need anything extra. If not, well…

> Private or group lessons?
One on one.

> How long is the training course?
10 weeks, three times a week.

> Can I make progress by taking lessons twice a month?
Short answer> no.

> I am at the level of ‘Advanced’ with the study of the 4 tenses of subjunctive.
I work on specific topics with some students on Saturdays. G-mail me with the subject Spanish language nerds SLN.

>Will this be in person or on line?
In Cuenca in person. Any place out of Cuenca> online.

>Where will these lessons be?
At the comfort of your place (in person) or at the comfort of your couch> online.

>When this will happen (be fluent)?
It depends 98 % on you, if you follow every step, you will notice your progress quickly.

Just one spot left, will you grab it or will you wait two more years in the never-ending procrastination?

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