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Private health insurance or not, immediately call 911. State your location, describe the emergency, and provide all vital details. Also, have a fluent Spanish-speaker: it’s invaluable to have someone fluent in Spanish assist you. This could be a friend, neighbor, or insurance agent. Medical emergencies, especially in unfamiliar settings, can be overwhelming. Breathe deeply, rely on your contacts, and trust the medical professionals attending you.

With Private Insurance:
Inform your insurance agent: After contacting emergency services, notify your insurance agent as promptly as possible. They can assist with communication, and ensure your needs are efficiently addressed.
Head to a private hospital or clinic: If possible, make your way to the nearest private medical facility where you’re insurance will be more readily recognized.
Mention your insurance company: Simply naming your insurance company is usually sufficient. Although presenting an insurance ID card isn’t required, it’s vital to state that you have private insurance when asked about your payment method by hospital staff.

Without Private Insurance:
Choose a hospital: Without private insurance, it’s advisable to go to a public hospital. Be prepared for potential wait times. Alternatively, you can opt for a private hospital, but be aware of potential costs.
Carry identification: Always have your ID and any relevant medical information with you. Public hospitals will attend to emergencies.
Regardless of your insurance situation, maintaining composure is key. Your health and safety are our top priorities. Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification on health procedures, we’re always here to assist.

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