Thank You Jhon and JD Muebles


This week we continue to thank the businesses who have joined with FAAN in our grassroots effort to not only build the most modern animal shelter in South America but to work with us in a strategic plan to transform animal welfare in Cuenca through prevention, education, and creating a culture of adoption.

JD’s donation of a brand-new recline raised more than $500 at the Gala FAAN-TASTICA auction for our immediate construction funds.

When you are looking for new or slightly used furnishings, home decor, or appliances JD’s is a FAAN favorite. Be sure to thank the team for helping us to make Cuenca known as the “The City that Cares” about animal welfare.

There is no more important time to donate to FAAN with your donation which will still doubled by our mystery donor as we enter a critical and emergency situation at the current shelter. Landslides at the upper shelter are prompting our building committee to rapidly design an innovative solution so we can move the dogs in danger first and sooner.

Reach out to us if you have experience in construction, building, and project management and or if you can make a year-end donation to the phase one emergency build.



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